Veterinary Care, Anytime, Anywhere

Don’t ask Dr Google, ask a VetCheck Vet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s free to register on VetCheck’s Medechat Platform and consultations start from as little as $77 for a standard 20 minute consultation.

Perfect for general and after hours advice when a visit to the vet clinic may not be necessary or isn’t convenient. Don’t worry about your pet, speak to a highly qualified, board certified, VetCheck Vet 24/7.

For all your other pet care management needs, download the FREE VetCheck App. VetCheck is the easy-to-use app for Apple and Android devices that allows users to keep all of their pet’s vital information in one place along with vet appointments, contact details, treatment plans and more!

Support the RSPCA & Love your Pet, Love you Vet

Medechat donates 40c from every video consultation on the Medechat platform to the RSPCA Victoria and Love your Pet, Love you Vet. Enjoy the convenience of a veterinary consulation from home and help these charities at the same time.

Medechat - official Love your Pet, Love your Vet Supporter

RSCPA Victoria

As a not-for-profit organisation, the RSPCA Victoria rely on community support to carry out our work with more than 90% of their funding coming from the generous support of the Victorian community. Medechat is proud to be an official business supporter.

Medechat - official Love your Pet, Love your Vet Supporter

Love your pet, love your vet

is leading the way in increasing wellbeing in the veterinary industry, raising awareness and building community support to highlight and address the disproportionately high rate of suicide within this profession, and providing psychological and educational support to these professionals.